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What the hell is wrong with these teachers?!

Am revenit pe blog puţin mai mult contrariată.

Ca să trecem direct la subiect, am avut de făcut o compunere în engleză în care trebuia să-mi imaginez că sunt unul dintre Cavalerii Mesei Rotunde (sună destul de SF, nu?). M-am gândit puţin la compunere, am cerut ceva sfaturi şi (thanks to me & my favourite aunt & teacher) a ieşit următoarea chestie:

Back in time

  Wow! What a fantastic party! And what a girl! But that’s enough! I must get up because otherwise my mom will give me one of her stupid punishments.
  But where am I? This is not my bedroom. Where is my cell-phone? A sword? Where is my computer? I have to Tweet something about last night!
  Oh my God! This is  castle! And I am dressed up as a knight.
  A manservant enters the room.
  „Good morning, Sir! King Arthur is anxious to meet you!”
  „Me? Why?”
  „He hopes you will be the 13th knight of the Round Table.”
  I watch the manservant in a big surprise. I blink a few times hoping the nightmare will stop but… nothing.
  „You have to hurry up. All the other knights have already come.”
  I realize I have no choice. What happened? The only chance to get out of this castle is to do something exceptional and to become the 13th knight. I know that the only I could do is to find the Saint Graal, so I decided to announce the other what I’m going to accomplish.
  Everybody was impressed hearing what I will try. But I really don’t know how I’ll do this.
  I take a few weapons, a horse and I leave the castle. I feel a little bit confused. But… wait a moment. What is this? A talking dog?
  „If you want the Saint Graal you have to give your soul to me. If you accept this, everything will be very simple.”
  I immediately accepted the deal. The dog gives me the Saint Graal and I return to the castle. 
  Everybody was really surprised and, of course, King Arthur asks me what my biggest wish is. I tell him I want to go back to the world I belong to. They were surprised when I told them about the party, about the cell-phone, the computer. (I don’t tell them about the fantastic girl I met last night because these guys are really handsome!!) They don’t believe me but finally the accept to let me go.
  I leave the castle. I’m happy! I’ll go home!
  „Wait! You don’t belong to yourself!” said a dog cruelly looking at me.
  The nightmare is going on!

Buuun! Mie mi-a plăcut cum a ieşit (d-aia am şi postat-o aici) dar se pare că nu am aceleaşi gusturi cu una dintre profele mele de engleză. M-a certat tanti asta cam toată ora pentru că cică era pregătită să mă trimită la olimpiade & so on dar „i-am înşelat aşteptările”.


Dacă găsiţi ceva care credeţi că nu e la locul lui în compunerea de mai sus vă rog, insistent chiar, să-mi spuneţi! 

Am înţeles că pe blog poţi să-ţi postezi nervii şi nu mai ai probleme. Hmm, să zicem că m-am mai calmat. :D

Nor etichete


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